One Red Sock


The only thing more adorable than a purple baby hippo is a purple baby hippo who has lost one of her red socks. In author Jennifer Sattler’s latest picture book, One Red Sock, a baby hippo has, well, lost one sock. Hence, the hullabaloo!

Picture it: the pudgiest, purplest, most adorable baby hippo is sitting in a big pink chair in a room full of dots, and she’s trying to figure out why she only has one red sock. Since the sock looks funny without its sock-mate, the purple hippo puts on another sock — which happens to be blue. It obviously doesn’t match, and since this purple hippo is obviously at the height of her fashion game, she quickly discards the blue and reaches for another. This one is green…which of course won’t do!

The hippo tries on a gray sock, a white sock, a pink sock, and even a sock with polka dots — all while trying not to lose her patience. But none of these match her red sock, and it’s finally time to make a decision.

This is one super-cute little picture book that is full of humor — and an assortment of colors. The prose is simple, funny and straightforward, and is written in delightfully-precise rhyme. The illustrations are quite hilarious, with the pudgy purple hippo sticking her feet in the air, tossing colorful clothes and shoes all over her room, and rolling her big, beautiful eyes toward the ceiling as she tries to remember what in the world she has done with that other red sock.

Use this book to open a discussion about socks, colors, matching items, remaining cheerful when things don’t go your way, and — for goodness sake — tidying up your room so you can find your socks when you need them.



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