National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas


Image of globe, trains, balloons and giraff

The new school year is upon us and the children are ready to learn. One great resource is National Geographic Kids’ latest over-sized picture book, Beginner’s World Atlas.

This big is all about maps. Big maps, small maps; world maps, and maps peeled like an orange so young children can see the whole world at one glance. Young children learn what maps are, what atlases teach, and how the physical map is sectioned off to inspect various countries, diversities, people and culture. They get to compare pictures and information about the people, animals and characteristics of each region (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica). They learn what is meant by the “physical world” (land, water, climate and plants), and the “political world” (countries, cities, people and languages).

After identifying broad concept, children go on a pictorial trek across the globe and see famous places from the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, to Hungary’s Parliament Building.

This is a big, bold and beautiful book for budding geography, social studies and citizenship students. Children learn how to read maps, how to apply directions (North, South, East, West), which animals are native to which continents, and what past times the people of each country are engaged in. There is a very necessary entry on how to find places on a map, and how to read symbols on a map that pinpoint mountains, deserts and grasslands. The back matter is also quite impressive, with a summary of “The World at a Glance,” an entry on “The Highest, Tallest, Longest, and Largest” places on the globe, and an extensive glossary. There is even a metric conversion chart and an index.

This book has everything! Enjoy.


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