It’s never too early to get young children interested in appreciating animals and nature. Dolphins, a new board book by Rebecca Heller, does a great job acquainting the young with the beauty of dolphins and the beauty of the ocean they live in.

The book very simply tells all the things dolphins do both nside and out of the ocean. They leap, they breathe, they swirl and dive. They play — like us, and they love like us, too!

Although Ms. Heller’s prose is super-brief, it is friendly, inviting and descriptive. It easily conveys to young children that dolphins do many of the things we do (including playing fun games with other dolphins and loving members of the community), and by doing so, it encourages an early attitude of tolerance, protectiveness and conservation.

Artist Suzie Mason’s illustrations are simplistic and colorful. The scene of the dolphins leaping out of the water, set against a pale-purple sunset and lingering clouds that seem to be watching this sport, is truly breathtaking. The scene where a sliver of light breaks through the shadowy water as dolphins explore down deep below is quite lovely, and just may awaken the explorer in young children.

Use this book to as a supplement to your child’s education about different types of ocean mammals (and fish, too!), the environment, and the wonderful world that is out there waiting for them to experience it.


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