Digger and Daisy Go Camping


Everyone loves camping. The fresh air, the scenery, a night under the stars. But what if you’re afraid you’ll encounter a bear? That’s exactly what Digger is afraid of in author Judy Young’s latest easy reader, called Digger and Daisy Go Camping.

It is such a lovely day that the furry siblings decide to go camping. They walk down a wooded path, pass chirping birds, and encounter breathtaking scenes of lakes and distant mountains, but… poor Digger can barely enjoy the experience. Each noise, rustle, chirp or swish of water he hears convinces him that a bear is nearby. His level-headed, ever-patient sister, Daisy, must constantly reassure him that his fear is unfounded: there is no bear.

When Daisy finally convinces Digger that they are alone in the woods, they pitch their tent and prepare for bed. But uh-oh! This time Daisy hears a noise.

This is another adorable installment to the Digger and Daisy series. As always, Ms. Young’s prose is super-brief, yet it still manages bubble with humor that keeps readers turning pages to the very end. Use it to inspire young campers, to help eliminate the fear of the unknown, or to help young children match sounds to animals in nature.

Happy camping!


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