Chip and Curly: The Great Potato Race


Everyone knows how versatile a potato can be, but readers haven’t seen anything until they read author Cathy Breisacher’s newest picture book, Chip and Curly: The Great Potato Race.

In the book, the annual Spud City Festival is here, and a rambunctious potato named Chip is ready to race so he can win a Golden Bushel Award. He’s everyone’s favorite: the Home Fries love him, the Couch Potatoes have a front-row seat along the race path, and the Roasted Yams cheer him on. He’s sure to win…until a new spud named Curly — who has quite a spring in his step — shows up and gives Chip a run for his money.

As fast as Chip is, he can’t out-spring a curly fry! But when Curly trips over a tree root, it looks like Chip just might win this race. But can Chip live with himself if he leaves Curly laying “pancaked” on the ground?

Chip and Curly is one of the most clever and original picture books this reviewer has encountered in a long time. The prose is fast-paced (it has to be…it’s a foot race, after all!) and full of tongue-in-cheek humor; the play-on-words writing keeps the reader smiling from beginning to end; and the illustrators are reminiscent of early-elementary free-hand drawings on a Friday afternoon just before class is out for the weekend.

Use this book to examine the art of “play-on-words” writing, or as a classroom (or individual reader) reward for good behavior. It can also be use for supplemental reading. Enjoy!


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