Bundle Up


It’s too bad that board books are often overlooked when parents and guardians peruse the bookshelves for books for their toddlers of ages 0 to 4, because some of these small books pack a BIG punch.

Bundle up, by author Jennifer Sattler, is one such book. It is the story of an adorably plump baby hippo who wants to go outside. But since it’s snowing, s/he needs to bundle up first.

To bundle up, she must remember where she has put her things. She needs her yellow mittens, her green scarf, and her red coat, and young readers get to see her adorable expression as she searches her memory for each item, and then her look of victory when she remembers. At the end of this mental exercise, she is rewarded by getting to go outside… where she does something totally unexpected — but we will let you buy the book to find out what that is.

Everything about this book is adorable, from the cover that shows the baby hippo swathed in a green neckscarf with one eye showing, to the hippo sporting a polka-dot onesy and yellow gloves, to the hilarious ending where readers discover what was really behind all that bundling up.

This book brims with teachable moments for toddlers. Toddlers learn that they need to be prepared to go out in the cold. When they are introduced to specific pieces of clothing, they learn to identify colors. They learn to self-prompt (search their own memory) to find the things they need. And they also learn that if they put things away in a designated place, they don’t necessarily have to self-prompt.

Ms. Sattler’s sweet prose seems to be exactly what a toddler would think and say. Her illustrations are both simplistic and engaging — and colorful enough to bring a smile to every reader’s face, no matter their age.

Use this book to learn colors, prompt memory, talk about weather and clothing, or even to introduce humor. Enjoy!


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