Big Cat

Illustration of young girl facing a humongous tiger she thinks is a cat.
by Emma Lazell

Everybody loves cats (well, at least cat people do…right?), so who wouldn’t love a funny story about the biggest cat you ever saw? If big cats are your thing, you and your budding independent reader will love a new picture book called Big Cat, by Emma Lazell.

In the book, Grandma (aka, The Cat Lady!) has lost her glasses somewhere in the back yard. While she and her granddaughter, who is telling the story, are looking for the glassess amongs the lush flowers, the wash hanging on the line, and the numerous cats, a lost cat wanders into the yard. And it’s a BIG one! It’s orange-colored with black stripes, and it’s worlds bigger than Grandma’s five other cats.

Even though it’s taller than the clothes lines, and even though it startles the other cats, and even though it eats up all the cat food — and the people food, too — it is still loads of fun for the little girl. It likes music, it’s fun in the bath tub, and it’s ever-so-practical for riding like a pony! Despite the fact that the neighbors don’t like it (nor do they like any of Grandma’s cats!) and the other cats want it gone, it looks like the new BIG cat is here to stay. Until someone knocks on the door in search of their missing family member.

Big Cat is an oversize picture book (it’s almost as BIG AS Big Cat!) that is fast-paced and full of humor all the way through. The prose is appropriate for early elementary ages (k-3), and the illustrations (also by Ms. Lazell) of cats running here and there and holding up signs that say GET RID OF THE TIGER are cute enough to turn anyone into a genuine cat lover.

Use this book to introduce the benefit of wearing glasses when you can’t…well, see. It can also be used to help children to relate to their elderly relatives, or to help children compare and contrast the similarities and difference of wild big cats and smaller domesticated cats. Of course, it can also be introduced as just good, plain, laugh-out-loud reading.



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