1001 Ants


Illustration of ants in a jungle

Ants on the march are fascinating, and author Joanna Rzezak’s newest picture book, 1001 Ants, brings that fascination right to young readers’ fingertips.

In the book, one thousand and one ants — led by a little ant with red feet, march from their nest through the nearby forest and meet all sorts of animals and insects along the way.

Young readers begin the march by first being introduced to the quaint chaos of the typical ant mound and the intriguing tunnels that lead to the nursery, the pantry, the compost room and the Queen’s private chambers. From there they go on the march, past Lily of the Valley flowers, across an assortment of mushrooms, and along pine tree branches and other forest flora. Readers encounter snails, dragon flies, frogs and pond skaters; grasshoppers, dung beetles and roly-poly caterpillars as the ants march on to whatever location they have set their sites upon.

This is an adorable book about the amazing life of energetic, cooperative and resilient ants in “real time.” It is oversized to give giant humans an up-close view of what’s going on in the teeny world of the tiny ant. The vibrant illustrations of ants, caterpillars, grasshoppers and other living things in the forest are all bright, colorful and kid-friendly, and the flora and fauna are lush and lovely enough to inspire young readers to head out the front door and go on a nature walk!

Use this book as a supplement to ecology, science, environment or nature classes. Enjoy!


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