Why Not? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything


People love a familiar story with a new twist, and that’s exactly what readers get in the brand-new, oversized Nat Geo Kids picture book called Why Not? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything, by Crispin Boyer. The book is the fraternal twin of Mr. Boyer’s previous “answer book,” called Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything (2015).

Why Not answers familiar questions in a cutely unconventional way. For example, instead of asking why the sky is blue, it asks why the sky ISN’T green. Instead of asking why bats hang upside down from their tails, it asks why all animals CAN’T. Instead of asking why the Earth orbits the sun, it asks why the sun DOESN’T orbit the Earth. There are also funny “why not?” questions, like why golf balls are NOT smooth; why our voices don’t sound the same on the radio and in video; and why Donkey Kong IS NOT a donkey.

With humor, delightful detail and an energetic pace, Mr. Boyer attempts to answer every “why not?” question you may ever have thought of. The “why not?” questions cover everything from landing on distant planets to why we CAN’T fall asleep last night; why werewolves CAN’T transform anytime they like to why vampires DON’T sleep in beds.

Use this book as supplementary curriculum for history, social studies and science classes. It should make a great “for no reason” gift for the curious and the avid reader. Because it is neatly and intuitively sorted into seven categories (animals, the planet, space, our bodies, history, mysteries, pop culture) finding answers should be quick and easy.

This one’s a keeper!


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