Tiny, Perfect Things


Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses, and this new themed picture book, Tiny, Perfect Things, by M.H. Clark, is the perfect way to do so.

In the book, a child and her doting grandpa are on a stroll through their neighborhood. But it’s not just any stroll; it is a nature walk to explore the natural world and the great outdoors, and examine all the beautiful things most people miss as they hustle and bustle through life.

There is the lonely beauty of one little yellow leaf that the wind has blown onto the sidewalk; the bravery of a spider’s web that clings to leaves and twigs as it glistens in the morning light; and the obvious determination of a single snail that somehow climbed a tall wooden fence during the night and now soaks up the sun atop the fence post.

This is a quiet little book about natural resources and what a nature-lover can find right outside his or her own window, if only he/she looks closely. The illustrations, done by Madeline Kloepper, are like the untouched forest: they are lush, green and full of foliage, rustling leaves and vibrant wildlife. Author M. H. Clark’s prose is done in simple rhyme that is perfect for children ages 4 to 8.

Use this book to open a dialogue about nature walks, preserving the environment, and the power of observation. It also makes a perfect gift during Grandparent’s Day.


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