The Ultimate Book of Sharks


This may not be “shark summer” — which is a good thing, but it’s still a great time to learn as much as you can about these “fierce and fantastic fish” of the sea.

National Geographic Kids has an amazing new encyclopedia called The Ultimate Book of Sharks: Your Guide to These Fierce and Fantastic Fish, by Brian Skeery that is a perfect addition to your shark library.

The book’s cover, with its raised lettering and up-close image of an open-mouthed shark that just might have slivers of left-over meat between its teeth, lures budding oceanographers and underwater photographers to take a closer look. Inside, readers learn about everything shark: shark eggs, shark doppelgangers (did you know the Japanese Angel Shark looks almost identical to a Ray?), shark hiding places, and shark bones (or lack thereof; they have cartilage instead!).

Readers discover curious shark names, like carpet sharks, nurse sharks and wobbegongs. They learn about frilled sharks, horn sharks and cow sharks; mackerel sharks, and even saw sharks that look like sawfish.

This book has everything! There is a world map that shows which sharks live where. There is a chart that describes the various depth zones and the types of sharks that live comfortably within them. There is detailed information about shark anatomy, what’s on the shark dinner plate (sea lions, lion fish, and plankton, in case you didn’t know), and even what it’s like to “grow up shark.”

Author and photojournalist #BrianSkerry fills this over-sized hardback with wonderful commentary on how he got started as an underwater photographer and how he got some of the amazing shots sprinkled throughout the book. His prose is fast-paced and exciting, and the images he chose for this book are simply amazing.

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Use this book as supplemental reading in a middle grade science or future vocations class. It also makes a great addition to any personal or educational reference library.

By the way, this one earns the Picture Book Depot OUTSTANDING ILLUSTRATION Award. Enjoy!


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