Pink is For Boys


Remember when pink was for newborn baby girls and blue was for newborn baby boys? Remember when green was for boys and red was for girls and yellow was neutral, so boys could wear that, too.


Well…no more, because author Robb Pearlman’s newest picture book, Pink is for Boys, frees the world from those parameters.

In the book, colorful parade of energetic Pre-K through 3rd graders are having a wonderful time expressing themselves with colors. Smiling boys wear PINK bow ties, grinning girls wear BLUE softball uniforms, and girls and boys pretending they are royalty and wearing yellow crowns.

Boys give girls the loveliest pink and green flowers; girls and boys ride past red-checkered flags in their yellow race cars; and all the neighborhood children eat orange popsicles , fly purple kites, and cuddle big brown teddy bears to their heart’s delight.

This is a clever little book about ALL the creative things colors can be used for. It’s a book about thinking outside the box, coloring outside the lines, and expressing oneself in any way (and color) you darn well please. Mr. Pearlman’s prose is fast-paced and funny, and artist Eda Kaban’s illustrations are full smiling faces and a host of rich colors to choose from.

Use this book during discussions about gender, preferences, acceptance, and breaking the rules in a good way.


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