New York Melody


Music is infectious! That’s the premise of author/illustrator Helene Druvert’s latest enchanting picture book, New York Melody.

The book opens to the blue-black silhouette of a harp player and other musicians preparing to perform at a crowded concert hall. A hush falls over the crowd as the musicians begin to play, and all is well with the performance…UNTIL…one lone note becomes distracted and wonders what is happening in New York tonight.’s…OFF! The little note floats on the night air like a feather on the breeze, soaking in the darkened city’s haunting, blue-black mystery in the process. It bounces past Broadway and then sneaks into a jazz club, where it does a dance with the instruments. It explores the cavernous double bass, slips inside a golden trumpet, shoots out like a cannon, and then jiggles to the sound of the cymbal and the drum. Like any two-legged human in a partying mood, the little note dances the night away and doesn’t stop until it’s almost morning.

A lovely page from the book.

This is a lovely and lively book about the power of music, the joy of creativity, and the influence the arts can have on even the smallest creatures (in this case, one tiny musical note). It is the third installment in Ms. Druvert’s “Up, Up and Away” series. The first is Paris: Up, Up and Away. The second is Mary Poppins: Up, Up and Away.

Helene Druvert’s prose is lyrical, lively and loads full of fun. It is written in precise rhyme that doesn’t miss a single beat — a sure delight for young and old ears alike. Each page turn offers delicate lace-doily laser cuts embedded in thick, sturdy paper that can withstand the most pushy fingers.

Use this book to introduce music concerts, musical instruments, and the art of adventure. It can also be used to discuss how music affects living things, and just how intoxicating a moonlight night on the town can be.


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