National Geographic Kids 2019 Almanac


National Geographic almanacs are some of the most popular almanacs out there, and National Geographic Kids’ Almanac 2019 is no exception. The book’s subtitle is: “Everything you always wanted to know about EVERYTHING!”, and that’s just what readers get in this back-pack-sized summer reading handbook.

The adventure begins with the amazing cover photo of a snarling lion staring readers straight in the eye and PROMISING an amazing adventure the moment they turn to the first page. Once inside, the book keeps its promise, offering tidbits about everything from baby Tasmanian Devils to floating houses, giraffe tongues, swimming pigs, and what will be hot at the movies in 2019.

Readers learn facts about big cats (lions, leopards, jaguars), what goes on in the minds of dolphins, and what’s plaguing frogs (fungus!!). There are sections on sea turtles, ninja giraffes, what pet rodents nibble on, and even retro-information about what dinosaurs ate when they ruled the world.

This little book of BIG knowledge introduces subjects on everything readers can imagine. There’s even a tidbit about an awesome “Robot Hotel” in Japan where the front desk worker is an automated velociraptor (dinosaur), the fish tank is full of robot fish, facial recognition replaces room keys, and the air conditioner is controlled by each visitor’s body temperature.

The book is perfect for summer reading! There are fun tidbits about animals, nature, science, technology. There are amazing photographs, fun challenges, and even delicious recipes — all designed to entice everything from the reluctant reader to the science lover, the budding environmentalist to the global warmer watcher.

For the more structured reader, the book’s Table of Contents is divided into easy, intuitive sections for locating topics of interest. There are several other sections of interest in the back, including political and physical maps of the United States, clever quizzes, continents and countries of the world, and of course, a detailed index.

One other note: This book targets children ages 8 and up; however, this reviewer recommends the book for children as young as age 5. That’s because the book is full of images and inserts that are sure to fire young children’s imaginations and get them thinking about the world around them. Even if younger children cannot comfortably read or understand the vocabulary, they will understand the eye-popping photos enough to begin asking questions about the world around them.



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