My Family Four Floors Up


Sometimes a child is so full of joy that she begins to speak to the objects and elements around her. That’s what happens in a new picture book by Caroline Stutson, called My Family Four Floors Up.

In the book, a young girl goes about what to others may seem like an ordinary day, but to this MC, everything seems new and exciting. She greets the sun at breakfast, coaxes her puppy into their morning walk, and even salutes the sidewalk and all the many feet that travel upon it.

She greets the community park, the blue sky, and her favorite swing, too. Every greeting is like a song that says she is happy to be alive, and even happier with her daily routine.

This is a sweet and simple book about the comfort and security young children feel when they begin to recognize the “sameness” of their daily routine. Ms. Stutson’s prose is joyful, full of excitement, and age-appropriate for her age 4-8 audience. Illustrator Celia Krampien’s sketches include smiling faces, wide, friendly eyes, and familiar places in and outside of the home.

Use this book as a bed-time lap book or as an independent reading supplment.


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