Pajamarama Carnival: Make it Move With Magic Stripes


Bedtime is rarely at the top of a young child’s “good” list–unless he or she is celebrating it with author Michael Leblond’s new activity book, Pajamarama Carnival: Make it Move With Magic Stripes!

From the front cover to the back, this lively little book is filled to the rim with high adventure. The front cover introduces a round-headed child flying through the air in his striped pajamas and wearing a smile that smacks of unending fun. The cover also features a snug pocket that holds a stripey plastic screen that can be laid on top of each page and moved side to side to make the illustrations come to light.

The book opens to that hour that all children dread: bedtime. Children see a full-black page that shows what it’s like when the lights go off, and then a page where the main character puts on his pajamas and falls asleep. This is when the “dreamworld” comes to life and the child dreams that he is at a carnival. Moving the stripey plastic screen back and forth across the first carnival illustration with the bright circles and lines makes them wiggle, wobble and race across the page. Next is a “bumper car” page that, when the stripey plastic is used, actually bursts to life as circles and ovals race willy-nilly around the track!

There is a shooting gallery page complete with spinning targets, a log ride page where the stripey screen makes the water slosh to life, and a dazzling “hall of mirrors” page that would leave any reader wondering if he or she will ever find the way out.

This creative book is loads of fun. The author uses “barrier-grid animation” to get the lovely optical illusions that keep children smiling for hours. The book can be used on rainy days when there is a lull in activity, or as a reward for a completed chore or promptly submitting homework.

This one’s a keeper. Enjoy!


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