National Geographic Kids United States Atlas


Maps are not the most exciting things in the world…unless they’re a part of National Geographic Kids United States Atlas (Fifth Edition). Then they rock!

This is truly an exciting book. Children in grades 3 to 7 learn as much as their brains can hold about the physical US versus the political US; how the country is divided (southeast, northeast, midwest, southwest, and west) and everything in between. There are maps of regional vegetation, maps of typical climates, maps of natural hazards and every other kind of map you can think of.

As children peruse these lively, colorful maps, they learn not-so-random tidbits of information, like how many people live in the US (324 million, in case you want to know!), shifting populations, earthquake activity, and even a close-up map of Washington DC.

This is an absolutely AWESOME book! There are aerial views of the different regions, followed by an “up-close-and-personal” profile of each, including beautiful skylines, dishes each region is known for, and major lakes or rivers nearby. Children get to find the state they live in, then peruse their state map to find the roads and cities where they live.

True to Nat Geo form, there are eye-popping photographs of state buildings, state birds, and state symbols like the Statue of Liberty. There is information on the fourteen US “territories,” including a list of the five largest of these and their flags and key information. There are several meticulous indices at the back of the book, including a detailed glossary, US Facts & Figures, and postal abbreviations. There’s also a very handy “place-name index” that allows children to make an alphabetical search for the page number of their favorite city or place.

Use this book in any upper elementary or middle school social studies, geography, or US History classroom. It also makes a great addition to your home library because adults happen to love it, too.


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