My Animal Book: Facts and Fun


Young children are drawn to furry, fuzzy animals like moths to a flame (older people are, too, but in this case, that’s another story!). That’s why children ages 5 and up are sure to love Thames & Hudson’s newest edition of an earlier favorite, My Animal Book: Facts and Fun; Questions and Answers; Things to Make and Do.

In this wonderful supplemental “pic-tionary,” children learn exactly what an animal is, how and where animals live, what they eat, and even how they help each other. There are lessons on how animals have babies, the various groups animals fit into, what animals do all day, and what makes them special in the first place.

This clever little book can help to get budding young zoologists up to speed about the world of animals. Children compare and contrast animals with fur, those with wings, those with six legs, those that slither on their bellies, and even those that can live on both water and land. There is an interesting section on how animals help each other, what an ant’s busy nest looks like deep underground, and how animals use their senses.

Meanwhile, this book is full of fun activities that take play-time to another level. Children can play the snake-shaped “animal group game,” or make an animal flip book, or make animal-pebbles, or play a variation of the “find it” game where they must locate and identify how many animals are in an ocean illustration. There is even a cooking activity (see above illustration) that helps children make some delicious animal pancakes.

This book is a great tool for free time in the classroom, rainy times on a Friday evening before the last school bell rings, or quiet Saturday mornings where no outings are planned. The prose is age-appropriate and informative, and the illustrations are sprinkled with primary colors and brimming with kid-friendly animals, insects and young explorers.


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