Head to Toe: My Body and How it Works


Preschoolers and those in the early elementary grades are like sponges: they absorb everything around them. Perhaps one of the most important lessons they should learn is about their own body; how it functions and what the child can expect as he or she continues to mature.

Thames & Hudson’s newest edition of Head to Toe: My Body and How it Works is the perfect addition to your child’s personal or classroom library. The book discusses everything (yes, everything…including poop and pee!) that goes along with real life. That includes: where babies come from, why we pee, what happens to food after we eat, and more.

The book opens with an illustration of the body and the major organs that keep it alive, like the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys and intestines. Then, a detailed Table of Content serves as an overview of what to expect inside the pages, and how to skip to whatever excites children the most.

It’s potty time!

Using what has been termed “offbeat illustrations,” the book examines the brain and which functions each of its areas perform; the senses; and even the hair and how (and how much) it grows. There’s a discussion on how the skin holds the body together and makes it possible to feel heat, cold and other sensations. There are discussions about fingerprints, muscles, why we need sleep, and even why our “feelings” or “mood” are important to our everyday life.

This book is a treasure trove of information for young children and should keep them happily preoccupied for hours. It’s also perfect for the classroom — or even for homeschooling — because each part of the body that is discussed comes with its own set of games and challenges and discussion-starters to engage children and their parents and make learning fun.

There are memory games, recipes for how to bake things, like “cookie people,” and much more. There are also visual cues throughout the book that let readers know at a glance whether an activity requires parental assistance or whether it should be something they can do alone.

Use this book across core educational subjects, including science, health, physical education and even creative writing. Enjoy!


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