Good Night, Reindeer


Exactly what do reindeer do after they help Santa deliver toys on Christmas Eve? Author Denise Brennan-Nelson answers this intriguing question for Pre-K-2 readers in her latest colorful picture book called Good Night, Reindeer.

In the book, Santa Claus’ has just finished delivering toys across the globe and is now wishing each reindeer a firm but pleasant good night. However, the amped-up reindeer seem to have other things on their minds. They are doing everything except sleeping – something very young readers will easily be able to identify with. Blitzen is reading a book on what looks like a Kindle, Vixen is playing with building blocks, Dancer is trying out her ballet slippers, and Cupid is hammering away on the drums. Comet and Prancer have been good little reindeer and have gone to bed as instructed, but the rest of the North Pole residents need a nudge from Santa.

This is a lively little “in-between” book that fires young imaginations about what happens at the North Pole in the hours, days and months after the big Christmas Eve shindig. Illustrator Marco Bucci delivers reindeer with big smiles, twinkling eyes, and carefree souls that just want to celebrate life in general. Each page spread is full of detail and packed with familiarity and a special warmth, even though everything unfolds at the blustery North Pole.

Use this book as a precursor to the holidays, as independent reading, or simply as entertainment for children as they count down to Christmas.


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