Dotty’s First Book


Dotty is an adventurous, cutely-spotted Dalmatian puppy who rides through author Becky Baur’s newest board book and teaches everything young children need to know to master the basics of numbers, letters and shapes as she goes. The book is called Dotty’s First Book: Colors, Shapes, Numbers, and it is the perfect supplement to build a firm reading and math foundation for ages 0 to 4 learn.

The cover is both cute and lively, with Dotty peddling a red-and-black bicycle and preceded by a bouncy red balloon, and the first page opens to a crowded-but-cozy house scene where Dotty’s friends and family go about their business doing what family members do. They eat, bathe, read or sit on the toilet, and the very next page displays close-ups of the items from the house: a green face clock with numbers, a yellow cup, a pink toilet, a blue bathtub, and so on.

The next page is all about numbers. The back yard of the house is transformed into a learning plan as readers see shapes, colors and numbers everywhere: one watering can, two cherries, three carrots, four tomatoes, five potted plants… There is even a parade of ants (representing the number “6”), a nest of yellow birds (representing “9”), and 10 socks hanging on the clothes line. Young readers will thrill at recognizing the items as they learn to count them in the process.

This pleasant little numbers and colors book manages to teach shapes, numbers and letters while conjuring sweet and familiar memories for young readers. For example, the shapes (square, triangle, etc.) are presented as a street scene, complete with Dotty peddling like mad to stay ahead of traffic. The opposites are presented like pictures in an art gallery, and the parts of the body (eyes, hands, feet, etc.) are highlighted as children romp on the playground.

Use this delightful board book as a lap book, during pre-school story time, or even during your child’s personal quiet time. It is large enough to allow for big, beautiful illustrations, yet lightweight enough not to be too heavy for young children. Its pages are also sturdy and thick, which means it should withstand the everyday wear and tear that eager young readers often inflict upon books.


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