The only thing better than a hot bowl of delicious soup on a snowy day is sharing some of it with company. That’s exactly what happens in Caroline Stutson’s latest lovely rhyming picture book, Blue Corn Soup.

In the book, the snow is falling, the wind is howling, and Mouse can’t resist the thought of making just enough hot soup “for one small mouse.” She grinds corn, and chops pepper, nuts and onions for her soup — or sopa, as she refers to it in Spanish.

But while she happily adds ingredients to perfect her recipe, the aroma is washing all through the snowy wood. Her friends Rabbit, Bear and Chipmunk love the smell so much that they chatter, bounce, and sniff their way to her little tree house. Although she’s happy to see them, Mouse knows there’s just not enough food to go around. Unless…

Blue Corn Soup is a sweet little book about preparing a mouth-watering meal and then realizing that it’s always best to share with others if you at all can. Ms. Stutson’s prose is clever, cute…and it rhymes! The stanzas are precise and always on beat, and there is not a forced rhyme or a “near miss” in the entire manuscript. Here’s an example:

“What is this?” Mouse peeks outside.
Whiskers wiggle. Eyes grow wide.
Chipmunk, Rabbit, and Old Bear
smell her sopa, want to share.

Abuelita lifts her pot.
Three can tell there’s not a lot.
Hungry neighbors turn away.
“No blue sopa, not today.”

Ear-tickling, heart-warming prose like this escorts readers from the first page to the very last. Couple this with artist Teri Weidner’s sweet, colorful and kid-friendly illustrations and you have the perfect book for home or school. Read this one before a class on cooking or as Mom or Dad stands over the sopa pot and drops in something good!


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