Bet You Didn’t Know! Fascinating, Far-Out Fun-tastic Facts


There are just so many things we DON’T know in this world (and outside of it), so we cannot help but appreciate National Geographic Kids’ latest eye-popping picture book, Bet You Didn’t Know: Fascinating, Far-Out, Fun-tastic Facts.

Just like the questions that middle-graders (ages 8 to 12) and the young-at-heart this book was written for seek answers to, Bet You Didn’t Know discusses…well, everything. It presents facts about stars, bees, food, and creepy-crawlies; facts about presidents, chocolate, snow, and rain forests.

Young readers learn that dairy cows may produce enough milk in their lifetimes to make 9,000 gallons of ice cream; that scientists once thought Stegosaurus had a second brain in its butt; and that hailstones can contain pebbles, insects and even nut. They discover that pigs can get sunburn; you can jump three times higher on Mars than on Earth; and that some people can actually hear their own eyeballs move! If it’s bizarre, obscure or way-out-of-this-world, this book offers the facts.

The illustrations are signature Nat Geo. There are transparent human skeletons, magnified brain cells, close-ups of yucky bugs, and pics of canines running and sniffing and appearing as fluffy and adorable as you can stand. There is also a “behind the facts” section that explains how Nat Geo verified the facts on each subject; a detailed list of illustration credits; and a meticulously organized Table of Contents that keeps readers from getting lost or side-tracked as they make their way through the myriad of facts and profiles.

Use this book in any science classroom, or as a bonus supplemental reading exercise.


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