A Day in Ricetown: A Ricemonster Coloring and Activity Book


Ah, to play with paper dolls again! Back in the day, coloring and dressing your paper dolls provided hours and hours of fun. The “fun” part hasn’t changed, though these little paper dolls are now called “puppets.” A Day in Ricetown: A Ricemonster Coloring and Activity Book by Noodoll Studio, features all the excitement of the paper doll glory days with a modern-day twist.

The book’s outside covers feature four little Ricemonsters peering quizzically at their reading audience. The inside cover introduces readers to Ricedapper, Ricemon and Ricecarrot, the stars of this Ricemonster show. There is even a blank Ricemonster just waiting for a young reader to bring a new character to life.

From there young readers go on an all-out adventure through a mystical place called Ricetown, where they can color a full spread of Ricetown Square and draw their own car for cruising the streets. They encounter “search-and-find” pages, connect-the-dot pages, free-hand art pages, and every other page a young reader might dream of.

This little book is a real gem for busy and creative minds. It comes with a great “how to use this book” page and even includes a crucial mini-lesson on “how to make more puppets” — because young children can always use more puppets! Children can also decorate and color event and milestone pages, like birthday pages, bedtime pages, and other pages that celebrate the warmest and cuddliest memories of childhood.

Use this sweet little book to supplement lessons on everything from following directions to hand-eye coordination. Also great for rainy afternoon fun.



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