Norbert’s Big Dream



For any little kid who ever dreamed BIG about breaking away from the norm, Norbert’s Big Dream by Lori Degman is the book to read.

Rotund little Norbert may look like all the other pigs at the cozy farm where he lives, but it’s just not true. He’s a pig who’s more than willing to exchange an afternoon sunning in slop for swimming the English Channel. While the other pigs are doing pig-ly things like snorting or snoozing or chomping down on slop, Norbert is preparing for his BIG day swimming the English Channel. But when a small technicality (i.e., he can’t even FIND the English Channel!) threatens to dash his dream, his pig-mates come to the rescue. Since Norbert has inspired them with his daring and creativity, they want to give something back in return.

Norbert’s Big Dream is both a visual and a textual delight. Sprinkled with humor, Ms. Degman’s prose is brief but vibrant enough to inspire young children to follow their dreams, no matter how big and impossible they may seem. In Norbert’s character, illustrator Marco Bucci offers up a plump, hot-pink, wildly-adventurous pig with a big kid-friendly smile that is sure to win the hearts of young children and the adults who read to them. In fact, Mr. Bucci’s quaint farm and barnyard scenes seem so cozy and familiar that readers will almost be able to “smell the pig in the air.”

This one should be great across scenarios, including discussions about occupations (farming), ways of life, aspirations, individuality, and breaking away from the crowd. It should also be great for inspiration during afternoon elementary art classes, independent reading, or any child’s personal library.

Best wishes and happy dreaming,
Rita Lorraine


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