National Geographic Kids Almanac 2017



Since most young children want to know everything about everything–and they want to know it nowNational Geographic Kids Almanac 2017 is probably the perfect book to consider.

This book may be hand-sized, but it’s packed with enough knowledge to fill an entire bookshelf. There are articles (and hilarious pictures) about scientists who study panda behavior by dressing in convincing panda outfits (P. 10); awesome adventures atop the Swiss Alps (P. 123); real animal heroes (P. 75); and details about the “monster” bacteria we all having living inside our bodies. Eeeeek! (P. 177)

There is a political map of the world (P. 256-257); a how-to article on surviving a killer bee attack (P. 137), and even an article on certain “rich and furry animals” living in the lap of luxury, thanks to their wealthy human benefactors (P. 76).

There are brainy quizzes, amazing photographs of creepy curiosities like pygmy seahorses (P. 21), flying frogs (P. 43), and close-up tours of foreign lands. In short, this book has everything!

The vocabulary is not super-advanced, but the sheer volume of text may prove overwhelming for very young children. On the other hand, the crisp and clear beauty of the photographs–the trademark of a great National Geographic book–can offer as much visual information as the articles any day. In other words, young children will adore this book.

Great for both children and adults, and perfect for science-, zoology-, ecology-, astronomy-, geography-, and photography-lovers everywhere.


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