Mary Poppins: Up, Up and Away



The only thing more magical than the story of Mary Poppins is the way author/laser-cut illustrator Helene Druvert tells it. She adds a hauntingly-lovely twist to the story in her newest picture book, Mary Poppins, Up, Up and Away. The book is the second installation to Ms. Druvert’s “Up, Up and Away” series. The first book is called Paris: Up, Up and Away, and the third book is called New York Melody, in case you want to collect the series.

In this lovely re-telling (with a twist!) of the popular children’s story, brother and sister Michael and Jane are trying out a new kite in the park. It flies high, but when it returns to earth, it brings with it none other than Mary Poppins herself. Mary and her two charges visit Buckingham Palace, where Michael pulls a face at the guard to make him smile. They see Big Ben and Picadilly Square, and when they finally return home from their adventure, they each experience delightful dream about exploring underwater. And, proving why she is the world’s most dependable nanny, Mary Poppins is right there with them, dancing in the water and keeping a watchful eye at the same time.

This is another imaginative little rhyming book by Helen Druvert that is full of falling stars, mermaids and men of underwater-worlds, and nannies that fly by way of their umbrellas. It is every bit as clever and delightful as its fraternal twin, Paris, Up, Up and Away, including being of thick and sturdy construction so as to withstand young, undisciplined hands. It’s delicate, lace-doily-like laser cuts sprinkle magic on every lovely scene, and its exquisitely precise rhymes will leave readers of all ages smiling from ear to ear.

Best wishes and happy imagination,
Rita Lorraine


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