I Can Make My Own Accessories



Some of the most memorable (and relaxing) times in a young child’s life are when they have time to create something with their hands, and the new hardback picture book, I Can Make My Own Accessories, encourages just such creations.

Sporting the subtitle: “Easy-to-follow patterns to make and customize fashion accessories,” this new book by Louise Scott-Smith is perfect for budding fashionistas of any gender. Each accessory merits its own chapter, and each chapter opens with a lively illustration of the “essential tools kit” that will be needed to make the project successful.

For example, the book opens with a Lip Brooch project. Readers are advised to gather cardboard from a cereal box, paper clips, nail polish, safety pins, pencils, and scissors, to name a few tools, in order to successfully complete the project. They are then given a slow and thorough step-by-step tutorial on how to make the pattern, how to cut it out, what it should look like once it is cut and unfolded, and eventually, how to finish up with a blanket stitch.


Other projects include making a fun set of cat ears, sewing a festival garland like the one above, making a braided belt, creating a kawaii bear bag, and every child’s favorite, making a pasta necklace.

It’s important to note that this is not a pushy book that assumes young children should be able to whiz through these projects. Instead, Ms. Scott-Smith offer directions in brief sentences that are not only appropriate for the 8 to 12 age range that the book targets, but for even younger children. Each page covers one concept; for example, the “essential tools” have their own page, the simple directions have their own, and several “how-it-should-look-now” images have their own.

The images are an adorable mixture of brightly-colored illustrations by Georgia Vaux, a graphic designer and art director; and real-life photographs of young people sporting their creations, taken by photographer Pascal Bergamin.

Use this book during summer camp, during vacation bible school, during afternoon art class, or as part of creative expression day at school.

**Special notation: Although this book features only female models throughout, Picture Book Depot recommends it for fashionista’s of all genders.


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