Grids: A Drawing Book for Squares



As a rule, square grids don’t make much of a splash in picture book circles (notice that play on words!)—except when they inspire picture book lovers to go on a “doodle binge”…and that’s exactly what happens in Thames & Hudson’s latest picture book, Grids: A Drawing Book for Squares. This oversized book with its temptingly blank grids that are just waiting to be doodled on challenges readers to “take your drawings to a new dimension” by doodling patterns, shapes, letters, animals, and even aliens.

There are color burst grids (great for kaleidoscope drawings), circular grids (great for flowers and smiling suns on the beach), and geometric grids (great for drawing snowflakes–but no two alike, please!). There are frame-shaped grids for drawing…you guessed it, picture frames; and circular grids for mazes. There are even grids that are perfect for drawing skylines and cityscapes.

If your child thinks of a blank page as an artistic challenge, and if he or she can imagine a shape, face, animal or building, this book has the perfect grid for it. It’s perfect for both structured and free and uninhibited art work.

Best wishes and happy doodling,
Rita Lorraine


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