Grandpa Loves You!



Grandpa Loves You,by Helen Foster James, is the next in the “love” series of picture books that surround the lives of the most loving bunny rabbits in the world.

Like its sister picture book, Grandma’s Christmas Wish, this lovely picture book oozes love and acceptance. It also celebrates the child (or in this case, the bunny) for no other reason than that s/he is who s/he is. The book, written in rhyme, opens to Grandpa Bunny—brows white with age and wisdom, visiting the newest baby in the bunny nursery. After welcoming him (or her) into the world, Grandpa proceeds to show the little tyke just how beautiful life in the forest can be.

Grandpa and grandchild gaze at the fluffy clouds (and see bunnies!). They fly a kite, dig holes, swing on tree branches, and do all the fun things grandpas and their grandchildren are apt to do. And with the turn of each page, young readers in preschool to 1st grade see Little Bunny growing steadily bigger as Grandpa’s face lights up with a doting grin.

Author Helen Foster James’ prose is brief but turbo-sweet and conjures that cuddly, secure feeling that all children crave from their parents or guardians. Artist Petra Brown’s illustrations are lovely enough to bring a smile to both young and old. She uses light and airy primary colors to bring out the softness of the forest. Then, as the seasons change, readers see vibrant fall colors, a serene moon surrounded by twinkling stars, and the sweet familiarity of falling leaves swirling toward their unknown destination.

This one is great for laptime, naptime, story time, or simply bonding with grandpa. Enjoy!



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