Good Trick, Walking Stick



A creepy, crawly, stick-like form that emerges from eggs, molts and regrows limbs sounds a lot like something from a sci fi movie. Only it’s not; it’s something straight out of your back yard and it’s featured in author Sheri Mabry Bestor’s newest science picture book, Good Trick, Walking Stick.

Set against the colorful flora and fauna of a forest that is absolutely teeming with life, Good Trick, Walking Stick tells the story of how walking sticks live their lives. They begin as tiny eggs raining down from the treetops and are quickly mistaken for waste by ants on the forest floor. The ants bury them in their garbage dumps–an act that would be insulting on any other day, but in this case it ensures that the little walking sticks are safe until they emerge from their shells.

Burgeoning entomologists will thrill at the up-close-and-personal illustrations of baby walking sticks doing tricks that only walking sticks can do: changing colors to blend with the tree bark; regrowing limbs that have been plucked off by predators; and taking on the color of the night sky so that they can’t be seen by any predator that might be wandering around in the dark. They will also appreciate Ms. Bestor’s attention to time and seasons, as she cleverly opens the book in Fall, when the leaves cover the walking stick eggs, then the snow falls, then the spring comes…and she ends with the Fall coming once again.

Artist Johnny Lambert’s vibrant illustrations are kid-friendly and insect-creepy all at the same time. His lush and foresty colors will have bug-watchers itching to go on a backyard safari.

Great for science or art classrooms or private collections. Written for ages 6-8.


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