Awesome 8: 50 Picture-packed Top 8 Lists



People love all things “awesome,” and because they do, National Geographic Kids Awesome 8: 50 Picture-Packed Top 8 Lists should definitely be at the top of every serious “to-buy” list.

Awesome 8 truly is awesome. Each awesome list offers eight awesome critters, predators, treasures, sports or events to entertain even the most idle of minds. For example, the eight awesome predators list includes grizzlies that weigh as much as a small car, see-through jellyfish that can deal a shocking sting with their awesome 10-feet tentacles, and awesome poison dart frogs that are tinier than a paper clip but can ooze powerful poison through their skin (P. 10-11).

There’s an awesome list of “weird animal defenses” (everything from cats with arching backs to newts that push their ribs through their stretched skin when threatened – P. 13); awesome toilets (P. 18-19) that speed down the street, harbor goldfish in the tank top, or are made of 24-karat gold (P. 19); and the awesome “Sailing Stones in Death Valley” that move across the cracked desert floor seemingly under their own power.

The list, of course, goes on! There’s a “cutest critter” list (P. 27), an “incredible instruments” list (P. 41), a “mind-blowing street art” list (P. 67), and a “fearless food” list (P. 51). By the way, the fearless foods list includes some squeamishly delicious dishes, like insect caviar, fried tarantulas, palolo worms, and sheep’s liver-lungs-and-heart pudding.

There are awesome space sights (P. 52), weird wonders, buried treasures, humongous castles, deadly dino’s and…well, you just have to see this book for yourself to absorb the awesomeness for yourself.

The book targets ages 8 to 12, but the brilliantly-photographed Nat Geo pictures can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Great for science, geography, astronomy, zoology and a world of other classrooms!

Here’s to your awesome enjoyment,

Rita Lorraine


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