The Flying Hand of Marco B.



There is nothing more exciting than sitting in the back seat of your parents’ car, sticking your hand out of the window as the scenery goes by, and letting your imagination go wild. And that’s exactly what happens in author Richard Leiter’s new picture book, The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Little Marco and his family are on a trip to who-knows-where, and as they glide along in the family car, Marco sticks his little hand out of the window. The moment the strong wind caresses his hand, his imagination begins to soar.

In no time, he imagines the choppy wind sucking him out of his seat belt and lifting him up into the bright blue sky. As he flies right-side-up and does loop-the-loops, he gets an amazing aerial view of the family car below, still on it’s course as if no one’s noticed he’s not there.

Marco has a wonderful time imagining flying with seagulls and frolicing in the clouds. Only when his vivid imagination takes him to outer space and he gets a wistful glimpse of the earth below does he realize just how much he misses his mommy. Now his only concern is how he will get back down.

This sweet book is an inspiration for every child to see just where their imagination can take them if they only give it free reign. Written in adorable, impeccable rhyme, it is sprinkled with the kind of humor that should stick with young readers long after Marco has returned to earth and the very last page has been completed.

Artist Shahar Kober’s illustrations are done up in soft, kid-friendly pastels, and the people in Marco’s world all have wide-eyed, smiling faces that will make children feel they’ve known these characters all their lives.

The Flying Hand of Marco B. is a great book for group or independent reading. It can also be used as a kickstarter for imaginative art projects, or as a jumping off point for discussions about just where your mind can take you if you only allow your imagination to run free.

Best wishes and happy flying,
Rita Lorraine


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