Sleepy Snoozy Cozy Coozy



One of the best ways to help little people learn to love and protect nature is to provide them with great picture books on the subject. Author Judy Young does just that in her latest picture book about adorable animals and the way they sleep: Sleepy Snoozy Cozy Coozy.

In the book, Ms. Young examines a host of sleepy wildlife and the amazing places they choose to lay their heads, including the eagle and it’s ten-feet-wide nest high in the trees; the mole and it’s wormy tunnel deep in the ground; the crayfish that sleeps on its side deep on river or lake bottoms; and bats that hang upside down and catch a few zzzz’s in dark and drafty caves.

In addition to possessing the coveted talent of knowing how to convey detailed information to very young children without making it too much of a “school lesson,” Ms. Young is also an expert at tickling the readers’ ears with bouncy prose that keeps them smiling long after the last page has been read. For example, the alligator’s bed is a “lakey snakey, stay awakey place where you won’t lay your head, but to a ‘gator it’s a bed.” The dolphin’s watery bed is “black and bluey, see right throughy, swooshy, swishy full of fishy…” And the beaver’s bed is “limb and loggy, dim and soggy, crusty, cruddy, dried up muddy.”

Are you smiling yet?

Artist Michael Glenn Monroe offers lifelike illustrations of elusive wildlife that will absolutely wow young readers and inspire their curiosity. These beautiful images, coupled with Ms. Young’s ear-pleasing prose, make this book perfect for early elementary science classrooms, art activities on a lazy Friday afternoon, or independent reading time in the school library.


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