Monster Needs Your Vote



The presidential election is upon us, and one person—or monster, in this case—is learning all he can in author Paul Czajak’s newest picture book, Monster Needs Your Vote. The book is the next installment in Mr. Czajak’s Monster & Me series.

In the book, politicians are sharing their agendas and Monster is excited about casting his vote. Unfortunately, he learns that he cannot vote—not because he’s a monster, but because he isn’t yet eighteen years old. But you can’t keep a good Monster down, right? He simply decides he will run for president instead, and it’s full steam ahead from there.

At first Monster makes his agenda all about extending summer, but when no one is interested, he must find something else to feel strongly about. That ‘something else’ is “dessert for dinner”, with a slogan that boasts: “A chocolate cake on every plate, a pie in every pot.” But as yummy as this sounds, Monster still can’t find any supporters. It is only when he takes up the worthy cause of education that he begins to find support. It’s the best feeling in the world…until voters discover that Monster is under the age of 35, and therefore too young to run for president.

Monster Needs Your Vote is absolutely adorable–and not just because Monster is a big, huggable creature with purplish hair, golden horns and a smile as bright as the sun. The fact is, Paul Czajak’s prose is witty, age-appropriate, and written in a thoughtful and precise rhyme that reminds readers just how pleasing rhyming words can be. Plus, artist Wendy Grieb’s illustrations are quite generous, with their deep, rich colors, eye-popping-ly precise details, and cuddly facial expressions.

If the Monster & Me books are not already an early elementary favorite, they will be soon enough, because it’s obvious that monsters make the very best friends.

This book even comes with a brief “Monster Campaign Kit,” which includes a few US President Facts, some “First Lady” facts, vital vocabulary words of the “political persuasion,” and a graphic called “How Can I Be President?”

Great for learning about elections, laws (like voting), campaigns, and building a support base.

Best wishes and happy elections,
Rita Lorraine


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