Buster the Little Garbage Truck



Although the world is indeed an exciting place, it can be a bit overwhelming for the little guys who are only just venturing out of the nest to see what it has to offer. This is what happens in author Marcia Berneger’s debut picture book, called Buster the Little Garbage Truck.

In the book, little Buster wants to be just like his daddy and vows that they will work together and be the best garbage trucks in the world. He practices going fast, being strong and lifting things over his head so he can reach his goal, and everything proceeds perfectly…until his dad and his garbage truck friends honk their horns to welcome Buster to the garbage dump.

The loud noise almost makes Buster jumps out of his tires. But when Buster’s precious kitty’s life is threatened, he must summon the courage to ignore the loud sounds to bring kitty back to safety.

This little book is a young picture book lover’s delight. The illustrations (by Kevin Zimmer) are full of deep, rich colors, exciting scenarios, and beautifully expressive faces. This means that no matter how big and LOUD a truck may be in the story, their round, innocent eyes and enduring smiles will still win any shy young reader’s confidence.

Ms. Berneger’s prose is another delight. She writes in a voice that rings true for her age 4-6 target audience. In addition, her theme — growing up takes time and courage — is spot on for young children who are just becoming acclimated to this BIG, LOUD and LIVELY world we live in.

This book should make for pleasant reading for emerging independent readers. It should also make a wonderful text for discussions about personal fears and phobias.

Best wishes and happy honking,
Rita Lorraine


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