Make Art With Your Hands and Feet!



Action really does speak louder than words, and Make Art With Your Hands and Feet, a new picture book with two-word declarations throughout like “I’m hungry!” or “Yum, yum,” is proof of that.

Created by Jacky Bahbout, this quaint little art book for burgeoning artists is all about hand and foot action. Artist Momoko Kudo gets the ball rolling by presenting bright and colorful kiddie pictures that children must finish by tracing either their hands or their feet onto the page.

For example, the book opens with a background shot of a group of children high-fiving the reader. A child in the foreground holds his arm up high, only…it’s missing a hand! So the young artist must trace the outline of his or her own hand to complete the picture.

There are other creative pictures, too. There is the reindeer with no antlers that’s just begging for a child to trace his or her hands atop the reindeer’s head to give it a “crowning glory” of antlers. And the crocodile that needs someone to trace two of their fingers to replace its missing powerful jaws. And the ghost that needs someone to trace their tiny foot onto the page to give it its ghostly figure.

The book is sturdy and oversized so it can be easily handled by even the smallest and most inexperienced hands, but its overall design is sure to bring back warm memories of art classes in grammar school. The paper is one-sided to encourage framing, and is possibly even thick enough for the emerging water color connoisseur.

Best wishes and happy hands and feet,
Rita Lorraine


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