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There is a special love that Grandparents and Grandchildren share. It’s the kind of love that makes them go out of their way for each other.

Dot to Dot by Malcolm Cossons is a delightful story about a grandmother and granddaughter who share the same name and birthday. It’s almost time for their birthday and they would like to spend the day together but they live on opposite sides of the ocean.

Both Dots enjoy quite a few endeavors in an effort to make the birthday special for the other.

This book, Dot to Dot, is especially fun because the reader get two stories in one book. There is the story of Grandma Dot and her adventures; then, flip it over and you have the story of Granddaughter Dot’s adventures.

The layout is very creative. At one point, witty Mr. Cossons has Dot the granddaughter trying to dig her way to her Grandmother’s home. It shows another connection to flipping the book over and Grandmother Dot living on the opposite side of the world.

I love how Mr. Cossons has Grandma Dot flying to several places. This teaches children about different cities and where they are located. The simple pictures, illustrated by Neil Stevens, give children an idea of what can be found at each location.

Elementary children of all ages will find this book both amusing and humorous. Pre-k to 3rd graders will find the granddaughter’s silly antics funny. The 4th – 5th graders will revel in the grandmother’s trips, because they will be able to identify — in an entertaining way — the geography they are learning in school. They will also be inspired by the illustrations to find out more about the places in the book.

I don’t care for the drab coloring in the book. It takes away from the illustrated locations. I believe if the color was indicative to what you would see at each place, it would have had more of an impact on the story, making it even more exciting and memorable.

All in all though, I think Dot to Dot is a wonderful book that will capture the interest of all young children.

Remember, take the time, expand your mind, and READ, READ, READ!

Ms. P.


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