Underwater Dogs



Fetch is the game and water is the place to be. At least that’s the order of things in Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition by New York Times bestselling author Seth Casteel.

Underwater Dogs is a book with a simple premise. Mr. Casteel hops into an enclosed water tank, tosses a toy and points his camera, and it’s photo after eye-popping photo of splashing, flopping, bubble-eyed dogs squirming around underwater, chasing their favorite toy.

There’s the serene gaze of the Golden Retriever underwater; the bubble-eyed look of a precocious Pug; the wide-tongued slurp of a dog that apparently thinks it can drink its way to its toy; and the piggish look of an English Bulldog that actually stops its dog-paddling to pose for the camera.

And the adorable photos don’t stop there. There are all sorts of photos taken from every angle possible so that picture book lovers see wild-eyed plunges, wide-armed paddling that stirs up a sea of frothy bubbles, and even a photo of a wide-jawed dachshund just moments before it seizes its underwater prize.


There are photos of smiling dogs, serious dogs, in-your-face triumphant dogs, and devil-may-care dogs, all giving everything they’ve got to “fetch” their elusive prize.

In addition to his unforgettable photographs, Mr. Casteel gives these vivacious dogs a voice of their own in the form of short, clever, oh-so-funny rhymes that tickle the funny bone.

And if that’s not enough, the book cover is actually a fold-out poster (shown above) that your child can hang on the wall.

If you’re a dog-lover, a picture book lover or a fan of fetch and water sports, this is the book for you! It can be used as a lap book, inspiration in an art class, or as independent reading for the emerging dog lover.

Take your pick…and throw the ball!

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