The Lonely Lake Monster: The Imaginary Veterinary



Greetings Bookies,

The next installment of the Imaginary Veterinary series is here. It’s called The Lonely Lake Monster, by Suzanne Selfors, and it was well worth the wait!

If you remember in my review of Book 1, The Sasquatch Escape, young Ben Silverstein went to Buttonville to be with his grandfather for the summer. He met his new friend Pearl Petal, and the adventures began. If you missed that review, CLICK HERE to go directly to it.

In Book 2, The Lonely Lake Monster, Pearl Petal and Ben Silverstein are ready to begin their apprenticeship at the Worm Hospital. As the time arrives for them to begin their first day, trouble begins when Mrs. Petal insists on going to the hospital with Pearl to meet Dr. Woo.

When the Petals arrive at the hospital gate, they see that they are not alone. Ben’s grandfather, Mr. Silverstein, also wants to meet Dr. Woo, and even the Welcome Wagon hostess has arrived with her daughter to meet the doctor and ask a few questions.

The questions take so long, Ben and Pearl think they’ll never get inside the hospital. But they do, and once inside, they find that Dr. Woo has disappeared and left Mr. Tabby to monitor them.

Grumpy Mr. Tabby gives them time cards to clock in and out of the Worm Hospital so he’ll know if they’ve gone home for the day or are simply missing. Then he gives them their first job: Clipping the Sasquatch’s toenails.

He instructs them on which clippers to use and tells them where to find the Sasquatch, then warns them against visiting other floors. Then he leaves them to their work while he goes off to check a new patient.

For most of the rest of their first day, Ben and Pearl break a world of hospital rules. Their curiosity — or Pearl’s curiosity, rather — gets the best of them, and they do all sorts of things they shouldn’t. From meeting the Lake Monster to meeting the new patient, they go from one rule-breaking event to the next.

When the day finally comes to an end and Dr. Woo makes a loudspeaker announcement for them to come to her office, they are more than a little nervous. They’ve broken so many rules, they wonder if this will be their last day as Worm Hospital apprentices.

You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens, but…what a great story line! As I mentioned before, this book was worth waiting for, and will be well worth the read for any kid’s active imagination.

Ms. Selfors’ writing style shines in this book. The cover is unique and eye catching, and the storyline is loads of fun and really piques the imagination. The illustrations are timely and well done. They are presented in black-and-white sketches, but the descriptions in the book are so vivid, children won’t have a problem “seeing” them exactly the way they should be.

I hope this review helps you to make your decision about adding this wonderful book to your middle-grade student or child’s library.

Until next time, keep reading!


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