You Asked? Over 300 Great Questions and Astounding Answers


So nobody likes a know-it-all, right? Wrong! People love a know-it-all when the information s/he spews forth comes from an Owlkids Books.

You Asked? Over 300 Great Questions and Astounding Answers is the book I’m speaking of. Published in 2011 by the Editors of chickDee and Owl Magazines, You Asked? is a book of knowledge composed of thirty-five years of readers’ most pressing questions and Owlkids Editors’ most imaginative (and accurate) answers.

You Asked? is filled to the brim with the questions children love to ask – over and over and over again, if you know what I mean. The topics are: You (everything about humans); Everyday Things; Space; and Wildlife, and the format is unique in that once a subject is chosen and a question is asked, the editors don’t move to the next topic until every aspect of that subject has been covered. For example, the book opens with questions like, “Why do I wake up?”, “What makes your stomach growl?”, and “Why does your breath smell bad in the morning?” Since kids are asking questions about themselves as humans, and since the Editors know there are bound to be other questions about the human body, they tackle them all (in geographical order) before they move on. They answer questions like why it hurts to pull your hair but not to cut it, how you can tell whether you’ll be bald, or why your eyes look red in some photos, and so on, until they’ve moved logically downward from the crown of the head to the very sole of the feet. Only then do they move to the next subject.

The other three sections follow this intuitive pattern. Editors stay on a subject until they’ve exhausted every single question that might be asked about it. The result is that children learn all sorts of things about…well, all sorts of things. They learn everything from what makes popcorn pop, why the sun is yellow, and which animal is the biggest glutton in the animal kingdom to why babies cry, why you can’t see your reflection in rough water, and why a car radio doesn’t work under a bridge.

This one is a real gem. The editors offer answers that are brilliant, brief and filled with humor, and they back those answers up with bright, colorful photographs and adorable illustrations that combine to make the perfect book of knowledge.

So now that you understand why everyone loves an Owlkids know-it-all, what are you waiting for? Pick up You Asked? Over 300 Great Questions and Astounding Answers, and be the first in your classroom to know absolutely everything!

This one gets 5 Stars, and is recommended for ages 7+, middle grade students, and history and science classrooms. It might also make the perfect birthday (or Christmas) gift for your little Einstein.

Best wishes and happy answer-seeking,

Rita Lorraine


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