Up Above and Down Below


Have you ever wondered how the people on the other side of the world live their lives? Are they just like us – the people who live up above? Or do they think they’re the ones living up above, and we’re the people down below?

Author Paloma Valdivia asks these intriguing questions and more in her clever ER & Pre-K picture book, Up Above and Down Below. This little book about the round, round world and the people living in it (and on it) is a great story-starter for many disciplines. It can be used to introduce little ones to the concept of social studies, geography, and even the curious law of gravity.

Valdivia offers lively abstract illustrations that depict the happy chaos of everyday life and help children visualize being up above or down below, depending upon where on the globe each child is located. The faces of these upside down and right side up people are both curious and unique, yet Valdivia manages to emphasize the wonderful “sameness” in people everywhere, no matter where they live.

Do you live up above or down below? Whichever it is, you and your pre-schooler are sure to love this clever book.

Best wishes and…location, location, location.

Rita Lorraine


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