Treasury For All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year


“Before I melt,
Come look at me!
This lovely icy filigree!
Of a great forest
In one night
I make a wilderness
Of White…”

From The Snowflake, by Walter de la Mare;
January poems

Isn’t that lovely?

Now that summer is gone, the winds have chilled and the leaves are falling down, it’s time for picture book lovers to find easy ways to unwind before bedtime. One of the easiest ways—and the most mentally and visually colorful—is to read actress and singer Julie Andrews’ latest poetry picture book, Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year.

Chocked full of poems co-selected by Ms. Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, Treasury For All Seasons has something for everyone, every single month of the year. Each month hosts a bevy of thoughtful or touching or hilarious poems that celebrate the holidays, the weather, and the mindset of that particular season.

There are snowy poems for winter, steamy love poems for February, and windy poems for March. There are holiday poems, poems celebrating the life and times of heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and poems that lead readers through a sloshy spring, a simmering summer, a colorful fall, and a chilly winter.

Each poem entertains, pulls heart strings or leaves a lasting mark on the picture book lover’s poetic heart, but this book has other special features, too. For example, each month begins with a foreword by Ms. Andrews or her daughter in which curious readers are allowed deeper into the lives of these celebrities by reading how that particular month of the year influenced or inspired their families.

Another plus is the way in which artist Marjorie Priceman celebrates each page of this book with clever splashes of color in every smiling, leaping, prancing, swimming, strolling, sledding, snowball-throwing, ice skating illustration.

If you are a picture book lover who also loves poetry, you’ve just found the perfect book.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


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