The Thankful Book


Reading time again..great time to spend with a very inquisitive two year old.

“Thankfulness” is a concept my family continually works to instill in our young ones, that’s why this title, The Thankful Book, by Todd Parr, caught my eye.

I was excited about sharing this time with my grandson! The title words on the book’s cover are printed in raised letters, and the “touchy-feely” effect was a pleasant experience for my grandson as he ran his fingers over the letters.

The bold colors on the title page stood out nicely, and they inspired my grandson to immediately begin naming all the colors he recognized…red, blue, and “lellow” (yellow). The characters were also very familiar, and we spent our first twenty minutes naming each boy, girl, baby and mouse on the page.

We had great fun testing our knowledge of each color and familiar character, and after reading the first few pages, my grandson began repeating with me the first line on each page: I’m thankful!

All the illustrations were lovely, but one in particular stood out for my grandson: an array of flowers caught his eye, and he enjoyed counting each flower and showing off his counting skills to grandma.

We also couldn’t help noticing that every character in the book smiled, and this allowed me to reinforce to this eager toddler that thankfulness makes people smile.

The Thankful Book is definitely one I would recommend to beginning readers and young learners. By the book’s end, my grandson had a smile on his face that matched the smile of the characters in the book.

Hope this review helps you in making an informed choice.

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