The Making of My Special Hand: Madison’s Story


The Making of My Special Hand: Madison’s Story, by Jamee Riggio Heelan, is the story of Madison, a toddler of two or three, who was born with only one hand.

Because of her disability, little Madison and her family make a visit to a Children’s Amputee Program, where Madison sees an occupational therapist who talks about “helper hands,” and how they work. She also teaches Madison and her family how to care for the hand and how to use it at play.

The story takes readers through all the steps little Madison must take to get what most of us take for granted: a second hand. On Madison’s first visit, she meets a Prostheticist named Jack who fits her with a plaster cast. On her second visit, she learns how to make the hand work, and even gets to play and tumble with it on in therapy. On her third and final visit, Jack shows Madison and her mom how to turn the hand on and off and charge the battery.

When you read this book you’ll be amazed at all the things Madison can do with her new hand!

This book is a “learning book” from the Rehab Institute of Chicago. The illustrations are great, and show Madison’s new hand before and after the fitting. The book is very informative, giving definitions for terms connected to the new hand, and showing exactly how it works.

Even though Madison is young, this book can also be a learning book for older children, too. It should also be great for rehab students, physical therapy students, and any parents facing this type of problem with a child.

On the other hand, this book is probably not one you would purchase to read to your child unless the child or a sibling had this particular problem. In other words, this book is targets a specific population of readers.

I hope this review helps, especially if you or someone you know is facing a similar problem.

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