The Guardian Team: On The Job With Rena and Roo


Of all the heroes in the world, the four-legged variety are often the most adorable…and amazing. In The Guardian Team: On The Job With Rena and Roo, author and rancher Cat Urbigkit tells the story of two of the most unlikely four-legged heroes ever to guard a flock of sheep.

In this sweet non-fiction tale that targets ages 7 and up, Urbigkit introduces animal lovers to guardian partners Roo and Rena. Roo is a scraggly little burro rescued from the range land of Nevada after being separated from her mother, and Rena is a scrawny little puppy that stands up to her siblings even though she’s the runt of the litter.

Although the two animals are completely opposites, they do have one thing in common: the instinct to protect. Urbigkit, who is also a news reporter who has done extensive research in livestock protection, shows, through a series of full-color photographs, Rena and Roo’s progression from strangers that are wary and suspicious of each other to best friends that take their jobs as guardians very seriously.

There are photos of puppy Rena bonding with the innocent little lambs; photos of Roo the burro towering over the lambs at first introduction; and photos of Roo and Rena being “socialized” as they learn that they have the same job of protecting the lambs, and it’s okay to be friends.

This book is a great educational tool. It can be used as a story-starter for classrooms that discuss occupations, future careers or non-traditional lifestyles. It is also great for supplementary and independent material for burgeoning readers. The photographs are quite interesting, and capture everything from deep bonding between dog and sheep to Rena and Roo’s playtime on the ranch.

For a different type of book to supplement your young child’s education, you might want to give this book a try.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


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