Ten Tiny Toes


“Nothing on earth
You could ever suppose
Can ever be loved
Quite like ten tiny toes.”

As sugary-sweet as this beginning is, I must admit I was hooked on Todd Tarpley’s Ten Tiny Toes long before page one. All it took was for me to feast my eyes on the lovely cover and I was a goner. Yes, I fell–hard–for the oh-so-huggable baby on the cover; loved seeing it discover its toes while gazing at the world with that deep level of contentment that only an infant can know. No one can resist such a picture…even if it is only an illustration.

Once readers tear their eyes off the cover and open the book, they are pleasantly overwhelmed with a passel of babies, a burst of colorful collage-like illustrations, and a bevy of toes, toes, toes. From front cover to back, Tarpley sings hearty praises to ten tiny toes, following them as they make their debut into the world, get licked by the family dog, and experience their very first warm, fun-filled bubble bath. He charts their progress as they wiggle, wobble and take their first tentative steps into “big boy” and “big girl” territory. In fact, he traces their growth and maturity until those ten tiny toes become adults and bring ten new tiny toes of their own into the world.

Ten Tiny Toes is a sunny book about adventurous toes, the babies they are attached to, and the families and pets that love them more than any of us will ever know. The text is clear, precise and done in a rhythmic rhyme that will leave you smiling long after you reach the last page. And Marc Brown’s illustrations are top-notch; they tease the eye, tickle the funny bone, and warm the soul to its very core.

This is the perfect lap book for grandparents, care-givers at nursery schools, and for tight-knit families that take great delight in tickling toes and smothering children with genuine love. Read this one with confidence, and savor the moments with your own favorite ten tiny toes.

Best wishes and happy toes forever,

Rita Lorraine


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