Snow Day!


Oh, do you remember your school days? Especially the days in the middle of winter, when you hoped and prayed and plotted and planned for…you guessed it, A SNOW DAY!

Snow Day, by Lester L. Laminack, stirs those chilly memories of the chilly days of yester-year, when the wind blew icy cold, the clouds spit just enough sleet to give you hope, and the weather-man tormented children with that monotone voice that almost-guaranteed school would be closed on the following day.

In this brilliantly-illustrated soft-backed picture book, a boy thinks he just heard the weather man call for snow. This sets off a frenzy of daydreaming, where his sister imagines it’ll snow so hard, the yellow school buses will all but disappear under the white blanket of snow. While the brother and sister dance a rain dance – or in this case, a snow dance, their father joins in the imagination-conversation as they all three discuss how cozy it’ll be to share a blanket and sip hot chocolate in their favorite jammies.

Ah, the memories this book conjures from the past. The gray skies, the snow-covered walk-ways, fluttering snowflakes, a break-neck sleigh ride (or garbage-can-top ride, if that was all you had) with the icy wind biting your face, and the fact that it’s so cold outside, there just might be another snow day tomorrow…

If you want to go back for a romp in the snow, you just have to read Snow Day by Lester L. Lominack. Illustrator Adam Gustavson captures every hope, every prayer, and every snowy expression you ever remembered from your childhood, and if you’re not careful, you may just find yourself staring out of your own window to see what the sky has for your neighborhood TODAY.

PB Depot Outstanding Illustration Award!

I’m sure by my “Ooooh’s” and “Ahhhh’s” you can tell I love this book, and it’s getting 5 STARS only because there’s no such thing as 6 STARS. It’s a great book for any elementary or middle grade classroom, and can be used as a story-starter for creative writing or an art inspiration for the creative classroom. It should even be more welcome in the home library, where parents and children can remember and discuss their most favorite snow days of all.

For an absolutely snowy celebration of youth, be sure to read Snow Day.

Best wishes and happy snow day,

Rita Lorraine


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