Rosa’s Room


Greetings Picture book connoisseurs! Rosa’s Room is a delightful picture book that takes a look at what happens when the old is left behind, and how one girl (Rosa) deals with the new.

Rosa and her family have moved to a new house. The house, and especially Rosa’s room, seems so big and so empty. Rosa sets about to decorate her room and make it her own, but even after she has taken out her crayons, her doll, a poster and her treasure box and placed them in the perfect place for them, the room is still empty.

Mother made her a beautiful bedspread and it helped, but something was still missing. Finally, Rosa found the one thing missing and her room became bright and cheerful, and looked just like she wanted. It was hers.

Bottner’s little book is almost nostalgic. It made me think of my childhood and how large things can look to a child. It brought back memories of how we look for things that define us, whether we are young or old, girls or boys. Most of all, it made me think of how bright and cheerful life (and rooms) can be when we have someone to share it with us.

The illustrations are great and help to tell the story. Each time Rosa adds something, the room becomes more colorful. At the end, when the main item is discovered, the room is full of flowers and color and beauty.

I believe this book will appeal to girls up to age eight or nine, possibly age ten. Boys might not like it because the title is a girls name, although boys would have some of these same feelings after a move from one location to another. The voice in the story is appropriate for young children, and one with which they will identify.

I hope this review helps! Until the next review,



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