“Oddrey is a sweet book for the pre-k reader that proves it’s okay to be yourself…and just a little odd.”

Most people try to blend in with the friends in their circle, but not one-of-a-kind Oddrey, the rambunctious little star of author/illustrator Dave Whamond’s brand new picture book, Oddrey.

Everything about Oddrey is different; she chooses the funniest little outfits, wears the oddest, perkiest little flower in the hair on her pumpkin-sized head, draws the most unusual hop-scotch squares, and plays the oddest band instruments. She even has an odd little dog named Ernie who meows like a cat.

Being different is great fun, but it means that Oddrey often feels different and left out, and that’s just no fun at all.

Still, being odd is interesting in many ways, and the biggest way for Oddrey is when her class play goes all wrong and it’s up to her to save the day. She does the oddest thing ever to save the play; she improvises, and suddenly…everybody wants to be odd just like her.

Oddrey is a sweet book for the pre-k reader that proves it’s okay to be yourself…and a little odd. Whamond’s text is short, age appropriate, and surprisingly humorous, and his hilarious artwork is bursting with oddly delightful colors and facial expressions.

This book can be used as a story-starter for discussions about unique personalities, the feeling of belonging, and how we are all just a little bit odd in the end.

Best wishes and happy odd balls,

Rita Lorraine


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